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Who We Are:

TWSBA is a collaboration of people, programs, organizations, and businesses that believe that small boats have limitless potential as teaching tools and vehicles for individual and social development.


What We Do: 

TWSBA strengthens the sustainability and effectiveness of member organizations through alternate-year international conferences and regional gatherings, virtual collaboration, mentoring, and a web-based learning portal. TWSBA is committed to sharing knowledge, ideas, and best practices about leadership and program development, hands-on building projects, boat use, and integration of maritime-based lessons into school curricula.



The Teaching With Small Boats Alliance (TWSBA) strengthens the sustainability and effectiveness of member organizations. Through networking and partnerships, TWSBA champions organizations that use maritime skills, arts, and trades as vehicles for individual growth and community development.



Over the next five years, by harnessing TWSBA’s powerful commitment to knowledge sharing and professional collaboration, our member organizations will refine their purpose, practices, and best uses of resources for greatest social and educational impact.

  • TWSBA will motivate its members to identify and creatively address community needs while developing organizational resourcefulness and sustainability.
  • TWSBA will elevate its member organizations by recognizing and encouraging both proven models and agile practices that emphasize hands-on learning and service to both mainstream and marginalized populations.
  • TWSBA will validate member organizations by promoting peer review, transparency, and quantitative and qualitative assessment. Further, TWSBA will unify and make visible the value, meaning, and potential of our member organizations and the maritime resources they steward.


Core Values

TWSBA and its members are committed to:

  • Generous sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Inclusion, Social Justice, centering disenfranchised voices
  • The radical potential and importance of experiential learning to change society and peoples’ lives for the better
  • The beauty and power of the maritime environment to lift people and communities to move them forward. 
  • Borderless thinking; working locally while sharing work, ideas, and impact internationally.